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Tips To Make Your Sex Machine Even Better

Jul 15,2022 | RodriguezGloria

– Turn it on, test out the speeds and use the rotational arm and really get to know the sex machine. Learn how it works, test it out, watch how the speeds increment, and get to know your sex toy. This is really recommended so that your first session goes as smoothly as possible.

– If you have a fantasy you would like to test run, something like having a threesome, being fucking in the ass, or seeing your partner fuck, plan it out, especially if you’re not alone. Talk to your partner about it, tell them what you want them to do, how you want them to react, and make sure you have all of the tools necessary (lube, blindfolds, handcuffs, etc).

– Clean your dildo and attachment after every use, you want to keep your two attachments as fresh as possible. Once you have washed them sprinkle on some renewer powder to keep them as new as possible and prevent wear and tear.


– Just because I use mine with my partner it doesn’t mean you can’t use it solo. I will use it when my boyfriend goes away in a few weeks’ time and I have every faith that he will use it when he is alone and I am away. It’s not just for couples but for singles, friends with benefits, men and women. It’s very versatile and a lot of fun to be had.