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My First Experience With The Sex Machine

Aug 01,2022 | RodriguezGloria

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had never used anything like this before and when the box came through the door in the arms of my boyfriend I was still hesitant.

I decided that if I was going to do this and live out one of my many threesome fantasies then I was going to go for it hard.

I hoped in the bath, lit some candles, and read some erotica. It always gets me wet and turns me on and I wanted to be as horny as possible.

When I was ready, I made my way into the bedroom where my boyfriend had set up the sex machine onto our hard floor it was super stable and I wasn’t worried that my bucking was going to make it fall over. This had been something I was worried about what with the thrusting and intense sessions but luckily it did secure into place easily.

Me and my boyfriend had some foreplay, got each other excited with blowjobs, and set off on our threesome discovery.

We have both had threesomes before but since being in our committed relationship we both decided that we weren’t both happy to see the other in a threesome and so we decided to live out our fantasies with sex toys, we may change our minds and go back to having threesomes but for now, sex toys work amazingly well for us.

I hopped onto the sex machine first, my boyfriend put the dildo on to the lowest setting and tied a blindfold around my eyes. This was so erotic and stimulated the rest of my senses because I had no idea what was going to happen and lost all of my inhibitions.

The dildo gradually got quicker and the thought of my boyfriend watching me and this mysterious machine thrusting into me made me scream out in pleasure and excitement, after a few moments I felt my boyfriend make his way over to me where he grabbed my head and thrust his penis into my mouth. I was SO enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to swallow his cum.

It’s safe to say he and I both came pretty quickly due to the excitement and stimulation but after a couple of hours’ rest, it was his turn.

We easily switched the dildo to a vagina, applied water-based lube and my boyfriend had the machine at an angle where he could easily get comfortable.

I made sure to slip the blindfold over his eyes as I knew how great it made it feel and how it helped you to loosen up a bit. He inserted his very hard co*k into the sex machine and did actually comment on how tight the vagina fleshlight was.

After a few thrusts, he was on the edge, I decided to turn the speed up ever so slightly and it made him lose control. He couldn’t keep his knees from trembling, I have never seen him shake so much.

We both slept really well that night.

I LOVED my sex machine, it did feel like someone else was fucking me and I would happily use it on my own when my boyfriend is out of town and my boyfriend said the same.

There are so many scenarios and fantasies to explore with this sex machine something else we tried was a little more kinky but made me so wet.